Evangelistic Board

The Evangelistic Board comes under the Ministry Division.  It consists of Ministers, Evangelists and Missionaries within the convention who provide spiritual motivation and guidance.  It also helps to plan and arrange appropriate  services for morning prayer service, nightly musicals, various meetings and assemblies when needed; and helps to prepare the Sacraments for the Communion & Consecration Service which signals the beginning of the annual meeting.

Bishop Brian D. Moore
Evangelist Ministry Liaison

Bishop Anita O. Brien

Elder Bernice Jamison-Turner

Persons wishing to hold membership on the Evangelistic Board must:

  • Present his/her Ordination and/or Licensing credentials to the Chair of the Evangelistic Board prior to admittance on the Board.
  • Submit a Letter from the Pastor of the Church in which he/she holds active membership.
  • Submit at least two (2) Character Letters from other ministers or pastors in the city in which he/she resides. The letter must include the applicant's work and activity in Ministry, Evangelism and Outreach.