Men of Promise


The Mission Statement of the Men of Promise is to encourage all men in a spirit of holiness, love and goodwill to grow and develop and to share our God given gifts and talents. To honor and to obey the will of God as directed by the holy spirit. We are the men of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc. It is our confirmed belief that everybody is somebody. We believe in God. We believe in God’s word. We pledge respect, love, care, concern, and our total commitment to one another as brothers in Christ Jesus.

As one of the various sub-components of the GMWA annual live recording sessions, the GMWA Men of Promise don’t always get dosed with much attention.

With this project, however, there are some interesting cuts that may make some think twice before passing the project over. Recorded live in Philadelphia at the 1998 GMWA Convention in Philadelphia, the album contains ten selections, and includes several notable names.

Perhaps the strongest song is “I’m Saved”, written by New York’s Danny Eason. Eason brings his inimitable Northeast coast Gospel flair to the cut, which he also provides lead vocals for, with the band cranking up the jam factor.

Craig Hayes is another contributing writer who adds a little flava, with “It Shall Come To Pass”, a song previously recorded by Bruce Parham. Know that this cut is led from start to finish by Love Fellowship Crusade Choir member Elder Kirvy Brown, and little more needs to be said about the direction that this one takes. Always ensuring that no-one mistakes his style, Brown takes rasp to the next level, reprise included (which is listed as a separate track – total combined track time on the tune exceeds 12 minutes).

Other names to mention are Calvin Bernard Rhone, who makes a long overdue and welcome re-appearance on the Melvin Bryant Jr. –penned “Redeemed”, and Wendell Woods, who contributes a worthy acappella classical-edged number, entitled “Lift Him Up”.

At the Annual Board Meeting in Dallas in 2008, Walter E. L. Scrutchings, Sr. was named the chairperson of the Men’s Division.

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