Performance Division


The Performance Division was the first division organized under the auspices of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc (GMWA), and the Convention grew and developed around it.  Over the years, the Performance Division has grown to encompass five standing choirs (the Mass Choir, Men of Promise, Women of Worship, Youth & Young Adult Division Choir and the Contemporary Adult Division Choir), the New Music Seminar and the Backstage Committee.

A primary objective of the GMWA is to give the world a song. The Performance Division is charged with delivering the same through its choirs and the New Music Seminar.  Through these Performance Division arms, songwriters from across the world are able to introduce, teach and perform their compositions before vast audiences.  In a typical year, some 100 original compositions are introduced among the choirs and the New Music Seminar.  Many of today’s gospel luminaries were introduced on GMWA’s Performance Division stage – names such as Pastor John P. Kee, Kirk Franklin, Kathy Taylor, Pastor Quincy Fielding, Evangelist Myrna Summers, Dr. Margaret Pleasant Douroux, and V. Michael McKay.  For many years, the Late Dr. Rodena Preston Williams served GMWA faithfully as our Minister of Music.  We honor her and her decades of sacrificial service. 

The Performance Division also manages the GMWA’s world-renown Nightly Musicals.  During the Annual Convention some 65 performance entities (choirs, ensembles, dancers, etc.) share their gifts and giftedness in worship.  Many of these performance entities are Chapter choirs – the local community choirs established in and through the local chapters of the GMWA.  The process of signing up for and managing the Nightly Musicals (which may have as many as 18 or 20 groups perform on a given night) falls to the Backstage Committee.  The Late Dr. Charles Fold led the Backstage Committee for many years.  We are grateful to God that Dr. Fold’s legacy of excellence continues today.

Church choirs the world over still sing music that came through the Performance Division – “He’ll Never Let You Down” (Steven Roberts), “For God So Loved the World” (Lanny Wolfe), “He Decided to Die” (Margaret Douroux), “No Greater Love” (David Allen), “Order My Steps” (Glenn Burleigh)….and the list goes on.

You’re invited to be a part of the Performance Division by submitting music for review and/or joining one of our choirs and/or signing up to minister on a Nightly Musical.  We are the Convention “Where Everybody Is Somebody.”  The Performance Division welcomes you!

For more information about the Performance Division, please contact Pastor Rodney Teal at or call 571.215.6039.


GMWA 2023 Song Submission Guidelines


The submission period opens on December 1, 2022 and closes on March 15, 2023. 

Songs submitted outside of these dates may not be acknowledged or considered.


No more than 3 songs may be submitted by any songwriter.


The preferred format for song submission is electronic, using MP3 or MP4 format.

Electronic submission via Dropbox link is acceptable; however, lyrics must be attached to the email.

Electronic submission via YouTube link is acceptable; however, lyrics must be attached to the email.

Electronic submission in WAV format is acceptable. 

Submission via cassette tape is NOT acceptable.


Failure to comply with these guidelines (as to form and/or content)

may result in your submission being rejected without notice.


Electronic Submission Guidelines

1.  Songwriters wishing to have up to three songs reviewed for inclusion in the Performance Division (Mass, Men’s, Women’s, Youth/Youth Adult, CAD and/or New Music Seminar) should submit the song(s) in MP3, MP4 or WAV format to the Song Submission Review Committee via e-mail at the following address: Submissions must be original and must not have been released nationally in order to be eligible for review and placement.  (For information regarding Children’s Division song submission, please contact Dr. Clark Joseph at


2.  Up to 3 songs may be sent as attachments to an e-mail(s).  (ONE email with an mp3/mp4 or approved link AND a lyric sheet or score for each song is preferred.)   


3. Submission in formats other than the preferred format may cause serious delay in the review of the song(s).  The mp3/mp4 formats are recognizable and downloadable across the broad spectrum of laptops, tablets and phones.  Using other formats is work-intensive for the reviewers.  It is likely that songs submitted in the preferred format will be reviewed first and those songs may fill all available slots.


4.  A separate lyric sheet for each song submitted must also be attached to the e-mail(s).  The lyric sheet must be in MS Word or PDF format.  If the song(s) has/have been scored, you may attach a PDF of the score in place of the lyric sheet(s).


5.  The body of the e-mail must contain the following information:

A.  Song Title

B.  Songwriter Information

Songwriter’s Name

Songwriter’s U.S. Mail Address

Songwriter’s E-Mail Address

Songwriter’s Phone Number

Songwriter’s GMWA Chapter Affiliation

C.  Chapter Affiliation Verification

Name of Songwriter’s Chapter Representative

U.S. Mail Address of Songwriter’s Chapter Representative

E-Mail Address of Songwriter’s Chapter Representative

Phone Number of Songwriter’s Chapter Representative



6.  Songwriters must be affiliated with a local chapter.  Chapter affiliation will be verified.


7.  Any submissions containing viruses will be rejected outright.  All attachments should be virus-scanned before being submitted.


8.  If a person other than the songwriter is making the submission on behalf of the songwriter, the submitter must send the submission to the songwriter by email at the same time as the submitter makes the submission to the Committee.


9.  Within 72 hours of receipt of the e-mail submission, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address from which the song was sent.


Traditional Submission Guidelines

If a songwriter is unable to submit electronically, he or she may submit by sending up to 3 songs on a CD, along with a lyric sheet or score of the music to the following address:


GMWA Performance Division

c/o Jerusalem Baptist Church

2600 P Street, NW

Washington, DC 20007


Songs submitted via U.S. Mail will receive LOW-PRIORITY in review, as it is labor-intensive to “rip” the song from your CD and upload the file for review.  It is quite possible that songs submitted “traditionally” (in this electronic age) will not be reviewed at all or very late in the process.


For More Information

Should you have questions or concerns about the submission process (electronic or traditional), please contact Pastor Rodney Teal. He may be reached as follows: 

            Phone:  571.215.6039

E-mail: (Do NOT e-mail song submissions to this address.)


What’s the status of my submission?

Songwriters please note that if your song is selected for use in the Performance Division, the Committee will contact you.


If you submit electronically, receipt of the confirmation e-mail acknowledging your submission assures that your song is being considered.  Also note, that incomplete submission may result in your song being rejected without further notification, so be sure that your submission is complete before you click “send.”


If you submit traditionally (via U.S. Mail), send your materials “Return Receipt Requested” so that you may have confirmation of receipt at the Jerusalem Baptist Church address.  DO NOT SEND traditionally submitted materials VIA CERTIFIED MAIL or by any means where a signature is required.  Your submission will be summarily returned.