Ushers Division

The Usher Division was established to serve GMWA, as God has placed them, as doorkeepers in the house of the Lord.  Our commitment is service. 

Our proposed purpose is to provide assistance with seating and crowd control at major functions during the convention sessions. 

Anyone that has a heart for serving as an usher is encouraged to come and serve our convention during our annual sessions.  There is a daily meeting during the grand session for discussions and reflections of the tasks we must encounter.  This meeting is normally at 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in a designated room.  Every usher on the membership roll is sent detailed dress code information prior to our annual convention and encouraged to enlist other ushers from their area.  You will need to be a member in good standing with your local chapter.

Also each is encouraged and asked to enroll in the class offered through the Academic Division:
“Organization and Administration of an Usher Department”  “U-2006”

GMWA Usher dress code:

Ladies:   White Uniform or Skirt and Blouse with Red Blazer, White nursing shoes

Men:      Black Dress Pants, White Shirt with Red Blazer/Sport Jacket, Black shoes and Black Tie

The red blazer/sport jacket is for visibility.  However if for some reason you are unable to obtain this uniform please do not let that stop you from serving.  We need everyone’s assistance. 

 Contact person:

Mrs. Geraldine Payne, Chair
820 Bilbo Street
Greensboro, NC    27406

Email address:      (h)336-373-1217